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Oct 2 / Black Internet Radio

You’re now listening to Black Internet Radio…

Black Internet Radio gives you undiluted Black Music from RnB to Bashment and much, much more.¬†Artists with GOOD music who have been frozen out have a home here…

Black Internet Radio - Undiluted Black Music

May 9 / Black Internet Radio

About Black Internet Radio

Black Internet Radio gives you undiluted black music and we would love to become one of your favourite black music stations, even if you are listening to other black radio stations.

It’s been a long time coming but the wheels are in motion to create a station independent of mainstream influence, where music as a form of expression is respected and shared with music lovers from all backgrounds.

That station is Black Internet Radio.

A station that brings back the concept of engaging the listener in musical discovery.

You’ll discover more music on Black Internet Radio, you’ll be introduced to artists old and new, hear songs that no other station will play, and we will show more love to quality independent artists where mainstream radio has not.

A yearning has given birth to Black Internet Radio, and quality music that has been neglected by mainstream has a home here.

We’ll play songs regardless of whether they have a video, regardless of whether they are a single, as long as they resonate with the feeling of listening to something that you’ll want to hear again and again.

The terms RnB and Hip-Hop have been changed in someways over the past few years and Black Internet Radio is where you can relive some memories and feel and hear the true diversity of the current repertoire of hard working independent artists, producers and labels.

So go ahead and claim your free download which automatically enters you into future competitions and we’re looking forward to you joining us in the discovery and enjoyment of black music worldwide.

Music & Love
Black Internet Radio
Undiluted Black Music

Black Internet Radio - Undiluted Black Music

P.S. If you were wondering how you could submit a track to Black Internet Radio, it’s all going to be handled wherever you see this little box on the site. Go ahead and give it a try.

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